Die Musik erzählt von der rauen Wirklichkeit. Gespielt von jungen Männern, denen das Leben viele Illusionen geraubt hat. Doch immer wieder wagen sie zu hoffen: Dann durchbrechen zuversichtliche Harmonien das verzweifelte Geballere, entsteht jene Ambivalenz, die so typisch für Cry Excess ist. Am 24. März 2017 erscheint das dritte Album, Vision, bei Bleeding Nose Records.


Exciting Australian groove/melodic metal band DAWN HEIST have completed their sophomore album entitled ‘YUGEN'. Formed in 2010, Dawn Heist are a five piece band from Sydney, Australia brandishing their own unique style of groove metal infused with melodic synth/programming and accompanied with a driving vocal tone that sets the band apart from the norm and creating a definite need for more.


Current Album
Dawn Heist - Yugen:
will be uploaded soon

Current Video
Dawn Heist - Terrestrial (performance video): 
will be uploaded soon

 Line Up:

 Pat - Vocals
Lee - Guitar
Ellis - Guitar
Zee - Bass
Toni - Drums


Highlights: Recording, mixing, mastering this album all ourselves. Playing in Indonesia to 30,000 people. Supporting Meshuggah at Euroblast. Main support for Mnemic tour in Australia. Supporting Threat Signal and The Agonist on big selling European tour. Sepultura support in Australia.

Shows: more than 200 shows during the last years in Australia, Europe and Asia.

Support: Mnemic, Sepultura, The Haunted, Meshuggah, Threat Signal, The Agonist, Monuments, Textures, Skyharbor, Mors PrincipiumEst., Suffocation, Psycroptic, Nile, DRI, Agnostic Front, Cthonic, Terror, Sybreed, Fozzy, Warbringer, Voyager, Secondhand Serenade and Klone.


Signing with management and booking heavyweights ‘The Flaming Arts Agency’ in January of 2011, Dawn Heist wasted no time embarking on the bands first overseas tour in March 2011, the band successfully navigated through Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia setting up a solid fan base throughout the South East Asia region.


Dawn Heist spent 2011 cementing their reputation as a live band in their own country of Australia with 3 national headlining tours with a total of 33 cities. The band also scored a host of reputable supports which include Terror (USA), The Haunted (SWE), Sybreed (CH), Sepultura (USA) Psycroptic as well as being invited to perform at the coveted Bastardfest presented by the biggest Extreme Metal Agency in AUS, Soundworks Touring.


Dawn Heist finished the year with their debut video release of the single ʻNine Worldsʼ off the bandʼs debut E.P ʻTimewave Zeroʼ which gained an amazing 30,000 views within the first month on Youtube and continued to more than 100,000 within the first year. A great PR campaign through Soundworks PR (PR agency in Australia for Metal, Iced Earth, Nile, Trivium) saw the band land a song on cover mount of Terrorizer magazine.


With an impressive first year behind them, Dawn Heist shaped up for an enormous 2012 with appearances at Hammersonic Festival (30,000 people) with Suffocation, Nile, DRI and Cthonic in Jakarta, Indonesia and Rock of Celebes (15,000 people) with Suffocation, Secondhand Serenade and Psycroptic in Makassar, Indonesia on 28th and 29th April. Continuing 2012 with support slots to Sybreed (CH) and Warbringer (USA), Dawn Heist finished the year as the main support to Mnemic (DK) throughout their first Australian tour on the traveling Whiplash Festival.


Early 2013 had seen Dawn Heist locked away writing and recording their debut album in which the band themselves took control of the studio producing and engineering the massive sounding offering titled ‘CATALYST’.


Dawn Heist then hit the Australian road playing a slew of national appearances to promote the release. October 2013 saw Dawn Heist embark on their first European tour in support of The Agonist (CAN), Threat Signal (CAN), and Mors Principium Est (FIN), also landing a spot on the coveted Euroblast 2013 line up in Germany with Meshuggah, Monuments, Textures and The Ocean, as well as appearing on the Waves of Metal Festival in The Netherlands.


The band’s debut album CATALYST was released in November of 2013 through Bastardised Records in Germany and Bulletproof/Universal in Australia and New Zealand landing them a #2 iTunes charting at release behind The Amity Affliction in Australia.


2015 Has seen Dawn Heist writing and recording their follow up album to Catalyst which is titled YUGEN. This release shows a much more matured and precise song writing process and a natural progression of enormous melody and complex rhythms.


With an undeniable edge and vigorous live show, Dawn Heist have the world at their feet and are certainly an upcoming Australian export to watch closely.







Very sexy und very tough


Es ist eng. Es ist laut. Aggression liegt in der Luft. So wie sich das für Punkrock gehört, wenn er wild übersteuert aus den Boxen quillt. Genauso wie bei Electric Love, den vier Schwarzkutten aus Stuttgart. Zu hören sind sie ab 18. Dezember auf „Heroine“, ihrem ersten Album.


 Line Up:

Vocals, Bass : Denise Wilson
Guitar : Sinja Mueller
Guitar : Tobias Kuenzl
Drums : Sebbi Kraenzlein

Aktuelles Album
Electric Love - Heroine:


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