From 2015 on the new entertainment powerhouse BLEEDING NOSE RECORDS is getting ready to rock the world by metal. BNR is an internationally recognized independent record label representing legendary career-building of artists in Metal of all genres, based in Stuttgart, Germany. With more than fifteen years' experience in the music industry, work as artist manager, booking agent, A&R assistance and promotion manager we decided to make things official in the fall of 2014 and built a company that rises to the challenges of the evolving music industry.

We are a very hard-working and determined label that is heavily involved with our bands, that's why the artist and the music is the most important thing to us and we never lose sight of that. We give bands the opportunities to step outside the underground. Inspired by working with people who believe in us as much as we believe in them, we supply metal from fans for fans.

BLEEDING NOSE RECORDS will have a healthy online presence through an official site as well as sites on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking outlets. In the future, BNR will aggressively pursue opportunities in Fan clubs, TV and film, touring and more.

Our Distribution Partner Believe Digital and Soulfood have got an abundance of experience that has taught them how to spot cutting edge talent and propel them into the spotlight, to obtain maximum visibility for their releases and more to previously unachieved levels of success.

Founder Tom: "In the past I had worked in – more or less – all divisions of the music industry. Starting as a Dj, organized club event, booked shows for bands, and run an online magazine and promotion company. Besides that I managed a lot of bands all over the world.”

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